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Player Select
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Selecting player files

Player Select,[1] also known as the Player Select Screen,[2] is a menu in Link's Crossbow Training.


The Player Select menu can be accessed by choosing any option on the Title Screen.[3] Choosing Score Attack or Practice will move to the Player Select menu immediately, while Multiplayer will show the How Many Players? menu before showing the Player Select menu.[4] In the Player Select menu, eight save file slots sit in two rows; four slots on the top and four slots on the bottom. Here, the player can choose which save file they want to use.[5] Once a save file is selected, the player will be taken to the Level Select menu if they are in the Score Attack mode. In the Multiplayer and Practice modes, they will be taken to the Stage Select menu. If the player chooses a slot that has not yet been filled in, they will be taken to the Player Registration. In Multiplayer, the player chooses each save file of the player. Each save file selected will be bordered by a colored square, along with a label which marks the number of player.[6] The first border is blue, the second is red, the third is green, and the fourth is yellow. Once all the players are selected, the player will be prompted to confirm their selections.[7] Selecting "Yes" will take the player to the Stage Select menu, while selecting "No" will take them back to the Player Select menu to reselect their players. The Erase File option in the bottom right corner allows the player to erase any existing save files. In only the Score Attack and Practice modes, the Top Players option appears in the top right corner of the Player Select menu. Selecting this will show the player which save file has the highest scores on every Level, and if they are on Practice, it will show them the high scores for every Stage. To exit the Player Select menu, the player can select the option in the bottom left corner.


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