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Not to be confused with Link, the primary protagonist in The Legend of Zelda series.

The Players are a pair of characters appearing in BS The Legend of Zelda and Ancient Stone Tablets, replacing Link as the central heroes of the two games.[1]

The names and gender of the Player is dependent on the BS-X broadcast ID. The male Player wears a backwards baseball cap and has green hair whereas the female Player has red hair that is tied up with a white ribbon. Both characters wear a green tunic similarly to other Links in the two BS Zelda games they star in.

The characters both originate from the BS-X cartridge for the Satellaview, in which they were a pair of avatars that users would control in a virtual town that served as the system's interactive menu, where users could download new content.


BS The Legend of Zelda[]

In BS The Legend of Zelda, the Players replace Link as the protagonist. The game is otherwise the same as the original The Legend of Zelda and thus follows the same events; the Player is given the task to find all of the pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom that Princess Zelda broke to prevent Ganon from obtaining it. After finding all of the pieces, the Player then fights Ganon in the cave where they found the Wooden Sword and rescues Zelda from her imprisonment afterwards.

Ancient Stone Tablets[]

In Ancient Stone Tablets, the Players return as the game's central heroes. Set six years after A Link to the Past and during Link's absence, the long-time peace of Kingdom of Hyrule comes to an abrupt end as Princess Zelda starts to have reoccurring dreams of an oncoming evil. She and Aginah, the brother of Sahasrahla, one day witness a flash of light in the forest and go to investigate where they find the Player, and take him or her to rest at Sahasrahla's old hideaway. While they are both confused by the child's strange tunic and are concerned with Link's long absence, Zelda begins to wonder if the child may have an extreme importance with Kingdom of Hyrule, and believes them to be the Hero of Light.

The young hero soon embarks on a journey to locate several ancient Stone Tablets to help discern the onslaught of evil. With the help of the Fortune-Teller, the trio soon learn that even though Link had defeated Ganon previously, the King of Evil's soul had lived on through his malice and had learned of the Hero of Light's power and coveted it, hoping to use it to become fully reborn, and had subsequently summoned the young hero into Kingdom of Hyrule. The hero then faces Ganon in battle at his tower and defeats him using the Silver Arrows. With peace now restored to Kingdom of Hyrule, the Player then disappears to where they came from in a flash of light.



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