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Play Nintendo
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Play Nintendo is a website hosted by Nintendo.


The website features multiple categories of content for kids to explore and play with.


The Friends section features multiple characters from Nintendo games. By clicking on a character, the user can see a summary of the character's information: a short description of the character, related characters, games they appear in, amiibos depicting them as well as the activities, media, printables, news, and tips available on Play Nintendo including them.

The following is the list of all character pertaining to The Legend of Zelda series that appears in the Friends section:

Play Nintendo Link.png

Link is depicted using his The Wind Waker HD appearance.

"Sometimes he’s an adult and sometimes he’s a kid, but he’s always the legendary hero of Hyrule.
He has his trusty shield and Master Sword, but Link relies mainly on courage and cleverness to make his way through puzzling dungeons and exciting battles."

Princess Zelda
Play Nintendo Princess Zelda.png

Princess Zelda is depicted using her The Wind Waker HD appearance.

"Even when the kingdom is in peril, this brave princess keeps it together.
The forces of evil are no match for this regal leader and her friend, Link. The powerful Triforce could not be in better hands."

Play Nintendo Ganondorf.png

Ganondorf is depicted using his The Wind Waker HD appearance.

"When something bad happens in Hyrule, this guy is usually behind it.
We don’t want to scare you, but you wouldn’t want to face off against this creepy villain without some magical help. He’s after the power of the Triforce, and no trick is too dirty for him."

Play Nintendo Tetra.png

Tetra is depicted using her The Wind Waker HD appearance.

"Yarr! This pirate girl leads a rag-tag crew in search of treasure on the high seas.
She seems pretty gruff and greedy at first, but Tetra has a heart of gold Rupees. She’s also hiding an amazing secret that will change the way you think of her."

Play Nintendo Sheik.png

Sheik is depicted using his Ocarina of Time appearance.

"Sheik is a mysterious, masked hero from the Sheikah tribe.
When Link runs into trouble, help sometimes comes from the shadows—in the form of a sleek, nimble warrior named Sheik. Why does Sheik look so familiar?"

Play Nintendo Tingle.png

Tingle is depicted using his The Wind Waker HD appearance.

"Kooloo-Limpah! It’s Tingle!
With his pointy ears and green suit, one might mistake Tingle for a forest fairy. He’s not actually a fairy (much to his dismay). But he is good at making maps, and that seems to be good enough for Link."

Play Nintendo Epona.png

Epona is depicted using her Ocarina of Time appearance.

"Want a ride? Just call for your trusty steed, and she’ll come running.
When you need to cover ground quickly in Hyrule, your faithful horse Epona is an ideal traveling companion. Back on the ranch, the two of you can also join in some fun races."

Play Nintendo Gorons.png

Gorons are depicted using their Ocarina of Time appearance.

"These lovable lumps have rocks in their stomachs and a song in their hearts.
Beneath the mountains of Hyrule live a strange people called Gorons. Earn their trust, and they will become solid friends when you need a sword—or if you just want to hang out near some lava."


The Activities section features games, quizzes, polls and puzzles.

The following is the list of all Activities that include characters from The Legend of Zelda series:

Skill Quizzes
  • Hyrule: then and now
In this quiz, users are asked various questions about the differences between The Legend of Zelda and Breath of the Wild.
  • "In the original game, an old man gives Link a sword. In the new game, an old man gives Link…?"
  • "In the original game, you didn’t need a special item to make a raft move. In the new game, you need…?"
    • A sunny attitude
    • A Korok Leaf (correct answer)
    • An outboard motor
    • Nothing but your mind
  • "In the original game, this skull-shaped feature is part of a dungeon. In the new game, this skull-shaped feature is…?"
  • "In the original game, Link wears his classic green tunic. In the new game, Link’s new look includes…?"
    • A bath robe and slippers
    • A bright blue tunic (correct answer)
    • A fancy tuxedo
    • None of the above
  • Lost and found
In this quiz, users are asked to identify the location of five Instruments of the Sirens.
  • Flower power
In this quiz, users are asked various questions related to flowers in Nintendo games.
  • Video game hearts
In this quiz, users are asked various questions related to hearts in Nintendo games.
  • "Who sells a Secret Medicine to restore hearts in the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening game?"
  • "Who can make hearts in a Super Mario Maker 2 course?"
    • You (correct answer)
    • Bowser
    • Goomba
    • Link
Personality Quizzes
Opinion Polls


The Media section features videos, pictures, wallpapers, and sounds.


The Printables section features cards, crafts and printable games.

News & Tips

The News & Tips section features news and tips from various Nintendo games.