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Plant may refer to any of the following:

  • Interactive Plants
    • Magic Bean Pods – the result of planting Magic Beans.
    • Vines – existing climbable plants on rocky surfaces.
    • Tree – several trees are interactive in various ways.
    • Mystical Tree – Ember, Scent, Pegasus, Gale, or Mystery seeds can be harvested from these.
    • Tree of Life - Produces a fruit which can cure any illness.
    • Lily Pad - an aquatic plant that Link can stand on in certain games.
    • Stamina Fruit - a fruit that refills Link's stamina gauge in Skyward Sword.
    • Water Fruit - a spiny, water-filled fruit used to quench fire and cool lava.
    • Grass Whistles - plants which are used to summon either a hawk or Epona.
  • Plant-based Characters
    • Deku Link – Link's transformation while wearing the Deku Mask.
    • Great Deku Tree – Guardian of the Kokiri Forest, and first dungeon in Ocarina of Time.
    • Maku Tree – The Maku Tree in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons
    • Koroks – Makar, Hollo, Irch, Olivio, Oakin, Elma, Aldo, Drona, Linder, and Rown.
    • Deku Scrub – Plant-like creatures which tend to fire Deku nuts from their snout.
    • Business Scrub – Larger Deku Scrubs that are known for selling items.