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Plain of Hobel
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The Plain of Hobel is a location in Zelda's Adventure. It is a rocky plain located in eastern Tolemac.

Features and Overview

The Plain of Hobel is located in the far east of Tolemac, where it is found next to the East Forest and the sea around it. Like the Plain of Andor, it is a barren, desolate plain bordered by cliff walls. The plain is most notably the location of the Shrine of Strength, a civilized fortress that tests Princess Zelda's strength. Beyond the shrine is a small Fairy Fountain where Zelda can have her health recovered by an inhabiting Fairy.

The plain is also home to a quarry, where a miner digs for stones. He says that ever since Ganon took over Tolemac, the quarry has seen less construction and fewer people come to him for stones.[1] He gives Zelda a chunk of Coal, as he does not know how to claim its wealth. Sir Basil can also be encountered here, after moving over from the Forest of Torian. He advises that Zelda use her Broadsword Spell well for the shrine ahead.

Minor Enemies


  1. "Welcome to my quarry, young one. I don't see many folks these days. Ever since Ganon devastated the land there's been so little construction, no one comes to me for quarry stones." — Quarry Miner (Zelda's Adventure)