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The Plain of Andor is a location in Zelda's Adventure.[1] It is an expansive, empty plain that makes up most of southwestern Tolemac. It is the starting region in the game.

Features and overview[]

The Plain of Andor is an enormous, rocky plain that stretches across most of southwestern Tolemac. The plain is mostly barren of vegetation, with the exception of a few trees and patches of grass, leaving most of the region's plant life secluded to the Forest of Ogbam in the south. The most notable landmark of the plain is the large, stone henge known as the Vision Henge, where Princess Zelda begins her journey in Tolemac. Seven giant, stone monoliths circle a stone podium in the center, each one carved with a symbol of the Celestial Signs. Zelda finds her Wand here on a stone. She later returns here after finding the last Celestial Sign, when Ganon sends her falling into the open podium and into his realm.

In the west is a small, semi-enclosed area with a lone Goriya and a stone in its center. Defeating the Goriya drops the Boomerang Spell.

To the north is a river that flows from the River Source Pond, and acts as a barrier blocking travelers from the Forest of Findo. This river can only be crossed with the Red Boots from the Shrine of Earth. To the far east where the river ends is the Mobilin's Head Inn, where weary travelers stop to rest. Inside, Zelda can obtain the Calm and Dagger Spells. A Beggar outside of the inn begs Zelda for a couple of Rupees to feed her starving children, and gives Zelda the Firestorm Spell for her generosity. A thirsty woman, named Glebb, can be found south of the inn and begs Zelda to bring her back water in her Empty Jar. She gives Zelda the Vial of Winds for bringing her back some water.

North of the Mobilin's Head Inn is a small cave and tunnel that leads to the Seacoast Plain shore. A Harp can be found inside.

After Zelda defeats Ganon and rescues Link, grass can be seen growing abundantly around the Vision Henge; a visual sign of life and prosperity returning to Tolemac.



  1. "Welcome to the Mobilin's Head Inn, my princess! You look dry, have a cup of Andor cider on the house. [...] And look after yourself on the lonely Plain of Andor." — Lothar (Zelda's Adventure)