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The Pirates' Prisoner is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. A resident of Papuchia Village, he has been kidnapped by the local Blin pirates.


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When Link travels to the Pirate Hideout in the Ocean Realm, he finds a Hylian man in a cage. Before he can release him, however, he is attacked by a gang of Miniblins who he must defeat in a mini-game style battle, shooting the Miniblins with Arrows. Once he does this, he frees the prisoner and they both enter a mine cart, riding it through another battle, until they arrive outside. The Pirates' Prisoner asks Link to take him home and the hero accepts this duty. However, the Spirit Train is attacked by Miniblins and Big Blins. After returning to Papuchia Village, the rescued prisoner gives Link a Force Gem as thanks, and a mini-game opens up in the Pirate Hideout, where Link must rescue a Goron, instead.

If another sidequest has already been completed, the man will return home to find his girlfriend has either married the Whittleton Chief, or no longer loves him.

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