"Pirates' Cove ahead.
Tourists are not welcome.

Pirates' Cove is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Located in the far eastern section of the Great Bay Coast, Pirates' Cove is the sole barrier that separates the Great Bay Coast from the Pirates' Fortress. As the area is mostly used as a way of entering the fortress itself, very little of interest can be found here, apart from a lone Zora swimming nearby.

From the cove area, Gerudo Pirates use a great gate to enter and exit the main fortress area, which cannot be opened by anyone but themselves. The cove may be entered by way of a tunnel, which is hidden from immediate view as it is sealed up by wooden planks that bear the pirates' insignia; these may be broken only by swimming towards it at a high speed in Link's Zora form. By activating switches found in the Pirates' Cove area, Link is able to sneak into the fortress itself by traversing underwater passages.

If Link is captured while in the Pirates' Fortress, he is thrown back out into Pirates' Cove. If he discovered while in the cove area, he is thrown back out near where the hidden tunnel leading to the cove is located, a fate which also befell another Zora who attempted to sneak inside.

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