Pirate Hideout Sprite

The Pirate Hideout is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Located in the Ocean Realm, it is accessible to Link after he brings Mega Ice to Papuchia Village. The Pirate Hideout is home to an abundant amount of Miniblins and Big Blins, who have captured a resident of Papuchia Village. Link eventually defeats the Miniblins in a mini-game of sorts and makes his getaway with the rescued captive via Mine Cart. As the two make it outside, they jump on the Spirit Train and head for Papuchia Village. During their trip, many Miniblins and Big Blins attempt to jump aboard, forcing Link to defend the Papuchia Village resident from the enemies using his Bow. When the two return to the village, the man gives Link a Force Gem as thanks. Also, on the cliff is a Stamp Station, which can be obtained with the "Song of Birds".

If Link returns to the Pirate Hideout he can take part in the mini-game again, this time trying to save a Goron. This time he is rewarded with points, and if he scores between 3,000 and 4,000 points, he wins a new Quiver. If he scores more than 4,000 points, however, he wins a Heart Container. After these rewards have been won, scores of 2000+ will reward Link with a 50 Rupee treasure, scores of 3,000-3,999 will reward him with a 150 Rupee treasure, and scores of 4000-4,999 will reward him with a 500 Rupee treasure. A score of 5,000+ will award either a 500 or 2,500 Rupee treasure, and the first time this is achieved, the Goron will admit that he lets himself get captured on purpose, as it is the best way to steal treasure from pirates. If Link has the Bow of Light, he can score points more easily using Light Arrows. Every Miniblin defeated using a Light Arrow awards an extra ten points; furthermore, if Link does not use normal arrows he will continually receive the same amount of points as before plus the extra ten. If a Miniblin successfully throws a cage over Link, the mini-game ends, forcing Link to start over. The mini-game also ends if Link is hit by a Big Blin in the last stretch of the hideout.

If Link visits the Pirate Hideout without starting the mini-game first, he will see the Miniblins sitting around tables with food and drink, who cannot be stunned or killed.


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