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The Pirate's Bell is an item in Oracle of Seasons.[1]

Location and Uses

It is rung to announce departure.[2] It belongs to the Cap'n of the Piratians, who had it as a gift from his lover, Queen Ambi.[3][4] The bell is lost in Samasa Desert when the Piratians are shipwrecked on Holodrum shores and driven into Subrosia.[5][3] The Captain refuses to budge until his bell is found.[6] When Link finds the Rusty Bell in the desert, he must bring it to the Subrosian Smithy to have it polished.[7]

Quest for the Bell

Link finds the Rusty Bell in Samasa Desert

The bell is polished at the Subrosian Smithy

Throughout most of the game, the Piratians stand idly by at the House of Pirates. The crew is eager to dig itself out of Subrosia and set sail, but the Captain refuses to give the orders until the bell is found.[6] The Captain sends a few members of his crew to Samasa Desert to search for the bell, telling them not to come back until the bell is found.[8] However, the Captain deems Link to be unfit for this quest until he completes the Ancient Ruins dungeon.[9] On the second floor of the House of Pirates, a Piratian teaches Link the combination to open the gate in front of the desert.[10] Once in the desert, Link climbs down into the hold of the ruined ship, where he meets the spirit of a Piratian who got caught in a sandstorm and died in his search for the Pirate's Bell.[11] The unfortunate soul is unable to pass onto the afterlife until the bell his found and his quest is complete. He implores Link to find his skull rolling out in the desert and help him find the bell.[12] Link finds the bristly, talking skull in the desert's oasis and picks it up with the Power Bracelet. As they roam the desert, the skull will begin to shatter when they near a specific pit of quicksand. Falling into this pit reveals a cave with the Rusty Bell lying inside.[13] His quest complete, the Piratian disappears, but not before noting on the poor state of the bell.[14] In fact, the bell is so badly rusted that the Captain will not accept it and demand that Link have it polished.[7]

Arriving at the Subrosian Smithy, the "Master" mentions that Link has a bell of great value, but does not offer to polish it. If Link says "please", they will ignore his request. He must demand that they polish the bell in a firm and direct tone by saying "Do It!"[13] With the Pirate's Bell restored to its original state, Link returns the bell to the Captain and completes the quest. After a moment of solemn reflection, the Captain gives the order to board the ship and set sail.[15]


  • Although the Rusty Bell is always found in the same cave, the exact entrance to the cave will commonly change. Therefore, Link needs the skull's help to find the cave.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Rusty Bell Pirate's Bell
Japan Japanese サビたドラ 海ぞくのドラ
French-speaking countries French Cloche Rouillée Cloche Pirate
Federal Republic of Germany German Rostige Glocke Piratenglocke
Italian Republic Italian Campana Ruggine Campana Pirati
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Campana Oxidada Campana Pirata



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