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Pipit is a character featured in Skyward Sword.[2] He is the resident bird expert of Skyloft and an acquaintance of Link.[3] He is a senior student at the Knight Academy and wears a yellow tunic, the senior uniform of the previous year.[4]


Fi's Comment:

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Target Lock: Pipit

His name is Pipit. He is a talented, passionate individual. He is also your classmate at the Knight Academy.

He is training to be a master swordsman, but he also displays an immature side that allows him to be distracted by other things.

This is Pipit, a talented and highly enthusiastic student at the Knight Academy. He is your classmate, Master.

He serves as lookout around Skyloft after dark, when it often becomes very dangerous.

Pipit has a strong sense of honor and duty and is dedicated to his work. He was the winner of the previous year's Wing Ceremony, winning in a close race.[5] He patrols around the Academy at night with the aim of keeping Skyloft safe, but also to help finance his education.[6] His family does not seem to be well off financially, which has led to a strained relationship with his mother Mallara, who spends the money he gives her paying Link to clean her home instead of buying food and doing the cleaning herself.[7]

Pipit also has a romantic interest in classmate Karane, which is revealed if Link gives Karane Cawlin's Letter and tells Pipit about it. Wishing to know what Karane intends to do,[8] Pipit realizes he loves Karane and rushes over to find her just as Karane is giving Cawlin a reply.[9] Pipit intervenes and asks Karane to go out with him instead,[10] to which she hesitantly accepts in an effort to prevent breaking Cawlin's heart.[11]

After that, they will begin dating. Pipit thanks Link for helping him find true love and gives him five Gratitude Crystals. Karane will admire Pipit even more,[12] and thanks Link for his role, but she still feels sorry for how things turned out for Cawlin.[13] Afterwards, by sitting a bench seat in the front row of the classroom, Link can listen to Karane and Pipit discussing their relationship as well as how Karane wants to visit Pipit's mother,[14] much to Pipit's dismay.[15]


  • Pipit is the only student in the Knight Academy who does not live there.


Pipit's name is likely derived from the Pipit bird.

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