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Piper is a character in Skyward Sword.[2]

Fi's Comment:
SS Fi Artwork.png
Target lock: Piper
"Her name is Piper, and she is a skilled cook. She is the mother of the mischievous Gully.

In addition to running the restaurant at the bazaar, she is also a food experimenter who is always trying to find new recipes."


Piper is a resident of Skyloft and the mother of Gully, a mischievous boy who has an avid interest in all types of insects. She is a skilled cook that manages the restaurant in the Skyloft Bazaar. She has a habit of repeatedly tasting her food before settling on the right flavor,[3] and often experiments with new combinations of ingredients. During the day, she can be found in the Skyloft Bazaar, preparing food for the patrons. However, she is known for taking a long time among the customers.[4] At night, she returns to her home and starts making dinner.[5] As with her food during the day, she takes a long time preparing it, apparently late into the hours of the night.[6]

Because Piper is a cook, many spices and cooking supplies can be found throughout her house. Above her bed is a large photo of Skyloft and three of Gully's drawings.


  • Piper does not appear to carry a Sailcloth with her, though her apron bears her design, like other Sailcloths.


Like all other Skyloftians, Piper's name is derived from a bird, specifically the Sandpiper.

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FranceFrenchEUJonalie (SS)[7]
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