"Please follow me closely without making any missteps. If you try to go beyond Pinnacle Rock, you'll get lost in the murky water. Before you know it, you'll find yourself back where you started, so be careful."

Pinnacle Rock is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is a rock formation consisting of spires and underwater caverns, located off Great Bay Coast. The path to Pinnacle Rock is marked by two rock spires that stick out from the surface. In order for Link to explore Pinnacle Rock, he must use the Zora Mask to breathe and maneuver in the water. Due to the curse that is plaguing Great Bay, the waters leading to Pinnacle Rock are murky. Should Link stray from the correct path, he will reemerge at the beginning of the route. Link can determine the correct path by acquiring the Seahorse from the Fisherman. When released in the waters near Pinnacle Rock, the Seahorse will guide Link to the cavern.

Along the submerged cliff sides of Pinnacle Rock are tunnels inhabited by Deep Pythons. They have attacked a group of Gerudo Pirates who where carrying three of the Zora Eggs that they stole. Link must defeat several of the Deep Pythons to acquire the eggs from their caverns. Should Link defeat all of the Deep Pythons in Pinnacle Rock, he will free the Seahorse's mate. If Link has already released the other Seahorse, the two will be reunited and give Link a Piece of Heart as a token of their gratitude. Several of the caves also contain Treasure Chests with 20 Rupees inside.

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Animal Crossing

The sailor Gulliver often tells tales about his journeys at sea. In one story, he states, "When I fought the sea snakes at Pinnacle Rock! Wait a minute... That wasn't me!", in an obvious reference to Majora's Mask.

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