Pikango is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a Sheikah and he can be found at Kakariko Village in the West Necluda region of Hyrule. According to an entry in the Journal of Various Worries, it is implied that Pikango is not originally from Kakariko Village as Dorian's entry questions his motives for coming to the village and suspects he may be a Yiga Clan spy, though Dorian is likely paranoid due to the murder of his wife and/or may be trying to shift suspicion off himself as he is an ex-Yiga Clansman and has been forced to spy on Kakariko Village for them. Pikango himself is strongly implied to simply be a traveling Sheikah artist who happens to be visiting Kakariko Village in search of the Great Fairy Fountain of Cotera (as he is helpful to Link and doesn't show any signs of affiliation with the Yiga). However presumably as a result of Dorian's suspicions, the Sheikah living in the village have apparently chosen to keep the location of Cotera's Fairy Fountain a secret from him as he is considered an outsider and cannot be trusted due to the ever present threat of the Yiga Clan.

According to Pikango himself, he reveals Kakariko Village is his birthplace though he left the village a long time ago in search of beautiful landscapes to paint traveling all over Hyrule. He decided to return to his hometown to search for Guardian Great Fairy of Kakariko Village's fabled Great Fairy Fountain. However the village had changed since he lived there and no one recognized him. Additionally due to everyone wearing the same clothing he ended up mistakenly asking the same person the same questions multiple times causing him to go from being viewed as a stranger to a suspicious roamer.

Side Quest

After completing the "Locked Mementos" quest and obtaining the Camera Rune, Link can talk to Pikango who will ask him to take a picture of Cotera's Great Fairy Fountain as part of the "Find the Fairy Fountain" side quest. If Link has not already done so, then he must pay an offering of Rupees (the amount of while depends on the number of Great Fairy's he has revived) to Cotera to restore power to Cotera and her fountain. After doing this he must that a picture of the fountain and show it to Pikango. Pikango however is unimpressed by it due to assuming it would look more sacred and elegant though thanks Link for showing it to him. Out of gratitude, Pikango will provide Link with hints regarding the locations of the captured memories stored in his Sheikah Slate's album, thus he is invaluable in helping Link recovering his memories. After this side quest is complete and "Captured Memories" is started, Pikango can be found at most Stables.

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