"I just saw a wild...a wild pig! Ooh! See? Look! That black one there... Don't you see him?"

Pigs are animals from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. They are generally peaceful animals and possess a fear of people. However, if aggravated to a point, they will summon all other pigs in the area and attack their tormentor, a behavior making them similar to Cuccos. If Link is hit by a pig, it will deal a full heart of damage. Unless led into a body of water, which relieves their anger, they generally attack until their victim is killed or escapes the area.

Pigs can also be picked up, a skill that aids in several side-quests, such as retrieving them for Dampa on Windfall Island. Still, their fear of humans makes this difficult, so lifting them requires crawling up to them quietly, so they are not disturbed. If a pig falls in water, it will swim to the shore.

There are three different varieties of pig: pink, black, and pink with black spots.

Link the Pig

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Link the Pig is a notable pig, caught by either Abe or Link, that is used as a pet for Abe and his family. Originally, Link the Pig is small, but it eventually grows to become enormous. This pig, which can be picked up only while Link is wearing the Power Bracelets, can be used to dig up several valuable items throughout the islands, such as Rupees and even a Piece of Heart.

If Link angers this pig, it will deal three hearts worth of damage, an abnormally high amount, even compared to most bosses.

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