"My name is Pierre, the wandering scarecrow. Actually, I wish I could wander to look for soul-moving sounds, but I'm kind of stuck here."
— Pierre

Pierre is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He is the self-proclaimed wandering scarecrow. In both the past and more notably seven years later, Pierre serves a role as an amicable helper to Link.


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Early in Link's childhood, specifically before the Master Sword is drawn from the Pedestal of Time, Pierre can be found rooted to the ground within a fenced tract overlooking Lake Hylia, along with Bonooru. Confined to the ground due to his immobility, Pierre admits that he wishes to wander freely throughout Hyrule to search for poignant tunes. A subsequent seven years reveals Pierre has fulfilled his wish to leave, although it is never explained how he accomplishes it.

As a child, if Link plays the "Scarecrow's Song" for Bonooru, the scarecrow will imprint the melody in his memory for the following seven years. The song's function is to summon Pierre at certain inaccessible areas lacking obvious means to reach. By using the Hookshot to grapple Pierre's straw body, Link can drag himself to such places.

In addition to providing Link with a target onto which to use his Hookshot, Pierre has the ability to remember any tunes of an unspecific length played, in proximity, with an ocarina in the past seven years. This song can be any combination of notes, even with notes from songs that already exist. Though the song is not named, Pierre both recalls and recites the song if Link talks to him afterward.

Following the end credits, the notes of Pierre's song play, in varying instruments and octaves.

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