"You got a Piece of Power! You can feel the energy flowing through you!"
— In-game description
Piece of Power

Pieces of Power are items from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. When obtained, these power-ups, similar to Guardian Acorns, grant Link additional powers. Link will move faster and his attack power will be doubled. When he strikes an enemy, it will be sent flying back, and will also explode if defeated (though this will not harm Link or other enemies). Pieces of Power are dropped by every 30th common enemy defeated that does not drop a Guardian Acorn. After Link takes damage three times from sources other than falling into pits or lava, the Piece of Power's effect ends. The effect also disappears if Link leaves the overworld, dungeon, or cave he is in, or if he picks up a Guardian Acorn.

Pieces of Power can also be used to cheat through the game. When one is active and Link jumps using the Roc's Feather in conjunction with the Pegasus Boots, the additional speed boost the Piece of Power grants allows passage over holes that are otherwise only accessible with the Hookshot or Flying Rooster.

The Red Clothes from Link's Awakening DX have the same effect as a Piece of Power, minus the speed boost. The effects last as long as Link wears the clothes. Interestingly, Pieces of Power are somewhat similar in appearance to a piece of the Triforce.

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