"Hi! I'm the photographer! What a great photo moment!"
— Photographer

The Photographer is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Only appearing in the DX re-make, he is a small mouse that is the basis for the Photo Album Sidequest.

The Photographer resides in the Camera Shop in Tal Tal Heights. Link can visit the Photographer to get his picture taken and receive the Photo Album, titled The Travels of Link. Once this has been completed, a sidequest to fill the Photo Album ensues; certain events in the game result in the Photographer taking Link's picture and placing the resulting picture in the Photo Album. There are 12 events in total (with the first one having an alternative depending on Link's choice), and some can be completed at any time, while others must be completed at a certain time, having the potential to be missed.

The Photographer can be very pushy; if Link refuses to take the first picture inside the shop, then the Photograph will forcefully push Link towards the stage.

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