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Phonogram Man
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The Phonogram Man is a character in Ocarina of Time.[1][note 1] He teaches Link the "Song of Storms".


The Phonogram Man stands inside Kakariko Windmill playing his Phonograph. He is attempting to compose a musical theme inspired by the Windmill's cyclicality.[2] He loves to "go around and around."[3] Ironically, he is responsible for a time loop that ruins his enjoyment of the Windmill by making it spin faster.[4]

The Phonogram Man is initially happy when young Link speaks to him.[3] When adult Link speaks to him, he is bitterly angry at "that Ocarina kid" about an event seven years ago.[5] He fails to recognize adult Link as that boy. When Link pulls out his Ocarina of Time in front of the Phonogram Man, he angrily recounts the day the boy tampered with the Windmill by playing the "Song of Storms" on the Ocarina.[6] He plays the Song on his Phonograph in demonstration. In doing so, he unwittingly becomes the one who teaches it to Link. The hero goes back in time and plays the "Song of Storms" in the Windmill as young Link to drain the Bottom of the Well. This upsets the Phonogram Man and completes the time loop.


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FranceFrenchEUMusicien (OoT)[7]Musician
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  1. The Phonogram Man's name is a misnomer, as he should instead be referred to as the Phonograph Man.


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