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Phantom Zelda
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Phantom Zelda is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[2] Phantom Zelda goes unnamed in Breath of the Wild, Hyrule Warriors, and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.


Spirit Tracks

Phantom Zelda is the form that Princess Zelda's spirit assumes when she enters the armor of Phantoms.[1] By possessing a Phantom, she can offer offensive and defensive backup for Link, as well as help him solve many puzzles throughout the Tower of Spirits. After possessing a Phantom, Princess Zelda seems to instantly gain knowledge of its abilities. As a Phantom, Princess Zelda automatically follows behind Link. To independently control Phantom Zelda, the lower corner Phantom icon must be tapped. This will switch the camera to her, where, by pressing the pink circle below here, Link will be able to draw the path that Zelda should follow. Upon doing so, Zelda will no longer automatically follow Link until he taps the "Call" icon. Even as a Phantom, Zelda can enter Safe Zones as she is not a malicious entity. Link cannot leave the floor without Zelda accompanying him.

Zelda has a wide variety of functions as a Phantom, depending on Link's actions or what type of Phantom she is in control of, being able to use any abilities specific to that type. For instance, she is able to carry him upon her shield if he leaps onto her from a higher platform. She can also easily cross through fire, spiked floors, and walk through lava, while also carrying Link on her shield through such obstacles.[3][4][5] With a Phantom's brute strength, Zelda can stop rolling Boulders and move massive blocks. Moreover, Princess Zelda can carry certain objects. This includes carrying electrified Boss Keys to their keyhole as Link protects her from the Key Masters that will attempt to retake the Keys. If a Phantom spots Link, Zelda will block the Phantom's attack at the young hero, and she will urge Link to run away quickly as she tries to keep blocking the Phantom's attacks. Zelda is also capable of distracting Phantoms by speaking with them, allowing Link to sneak past them unnoticed.[6]

Due to her great strength as a Phantom, Zelda is also vital to some of Link's battles, such as helping him in the fights against Geozard Chiefs, Byrne, and Malladus.[7]

Despite donning a Phantom suit, Princess Zelda is deathly afraid of Rats. As such, if a Rat crosses her path, she will scream and be paralyzed with fear and will not be able to settle down or be controlled by Link until he defeats it for her. If Link attacks Zelda too many times while she is possessing a Phantom, she will attack Link back. However, her attacks do not cause Link to return to the beginning of the room, unlike the regular Phantoms. If Link plays the Spirit Flute while near Phantom Zelda, she will compliment his playing.[8]

Breath of the Wild

Though Phantom Zelda herself does not appear in Breath of the Wild, the Phantom Helmet, Phantom Armor, and the Phantom Greaves are all based on her appearance from Spirit Tracks when she possesses a standard Phantom.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

Phantom Zelda appears as part of Toon Zelda's Phantom Arms Weapon. The Phantom Arms are used for Toon Zelda's Regular Attacks. When used, the Phantom Arms can swing Phantom Zelda's huge Sword, punch, and transform into a Wrecker Phantom's ball.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

Phantom Zelda appears as Zelda's Phantom Slash attack. Notably, Phantom Zelda's eyes do not glow, making her more closely resemble a Phantom that has been possessed by a demon instead.


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    With its tracks disappearing and its barrier lost, the Tower of Spirits was divided, and its guardians, the Phantoms, were possessed by demons. Princess Zelda's spirit transformed into Phantom Zelda by entering the armor of a Phantom, and, with the cooperation of Link, she made for the top of the tower. However, in order to reach the top floor where the Demon King's spirit slept, the two would need to restore the barriers to the temples."
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