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  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular location in that language.



Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
ボヌン島 (Bonun Shima) Bannan Island Île Bonnan (France)
Ile Bannan (Canada)
Insel Bonun Isla Bannan (Latin America) Isola Bannan
Cannon Island Ile Canon (Canada) Isla del Cañón (Latin America)
Dee Ess Island Ile des Esses (France)
Ile Dée Ess (Canada)
Isla De Ese (Spain)
Isla Dee Ess (Latin America)
Isola Diesse
Goron Island Ile Goron (Canada) Isla Goron (Latin America) Isola Goron
Harrow Island Ile Bonnepelle (Canada) Islote del Hoyo (Latin America) Isola Buca
Isle of Ember Ile du Feu Isla del Fuego (Latin America)
Isle of Frost Ile du Gel (Canada) Isla Nevada (Latin America) Isola Gelida
Isle of Gust Île du Vent (France)
Ile des Vents (Canada)
Isla del Viento (Latin America)
Isle of Ruins Ile des Ruines (Canada) Isla de las Ruinas (Latin America)
遺跡島 (Iseki Shima) Isle of the Dead Ile des Morts (Canada) Isla de los Difuntos (Latin America) Isola del Defunto
Maze Island Île du Labyrinthe (France)
Ile Dédale (Canada)
Isla del Laberinto (Spain and Latin America)
Mercay Island Ile Melka (France)
Ile Mercay (Canada)
Insel Melka Isla Mercay (Latin America)
Molida Island Ile Molida (Canada) Isla Molida (Latin America)
Spirit Island Ile des Esprits (Canada) Isla de los Espíritus (Latin America)
Uncharted Island Ile Inconnue (Canada) Isla Ignota (Latin America)
Zauz's Island Ile de Sasu (Canada) Isla de Zauz (Latin America)

Other Locations

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Country of Wayaway Trèsloin Land Ganzweitweg Masparallá
Mercay Tavern Roten-Löwen-Schiff Bar de Leche
Prince of Red Lions Roten-Löwen-Schiff
Treasure Teller's Shop Tienda del Anticuario
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