"I'll be your guide on your way, but coming back, I won't play! I'll show you the only way to go, so follow me and don't be slow!"
— Phantom Guide

The Phantom Guide is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. As its name suggests, the Phantom Guide is a Poe who plays a role in the trials Link must face in the Haunted Wasteland.

In the original and Master Quest versions of Ocarina of Time, the Phantom Guide shares its character model with the fearless Poes in Hyrule Field. In the 3DS remake however, the Phantom Guide's model is replaced by a Big Poe's character model.


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After Link crosses the River of Sand, and follows the flag posts, he comes across a stone monument. At the top of this structure is a stone plaque that reads: "One with the eye of truth shall be guided to the Spirit Temple by an inviting ghost". If Link uses the Lens of Truth, he will be able to see the Phantom Guide. Normally, anyone who walks into the desert area past the stone structure will be lost in the sandstorm and subsequently transported back to the area near the River of Sand.

By following the exact same path as the Phantom Guide, Link can safely cross the desert; however, the Phantom Guide tells him that it will not lead him back, though it is possible to retrace it. En route to the Desert Colossus, Leevers will occasionally attack Link, attempting to break the concentration of the player. If Link follows the Phantom Guide without treading in the wrong direction, he eventually reaches the Desert Colossus, wherein lies the Spirit Temple.

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