Phantom Ganon's Sword (also known as the Beast's Blade) is an item from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. This sword is wielded by the ghostly entity Phantom Ganon. Inscribed on the sword's blade are the Hylian words, "Zabora Gabora," possibly referring to the blacksmiths from Majora's Mask. Like some weapons wielded by enemies in the game, Link can utilize the blade after Phantom Ganon has fallen. Its hilt points to the correct exit of the room after being balanced on its point.

In the game, there is an area in Ganon's Tower called the Illusionary Room. In this area, Link must defeat Phantom Ganon multiple times to progress in the dungeon. In the last room of the maze, Link must take up the sword and attack the wall with a decorative pattern on it to get out of the maze, after receiving the Light Arrow.

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