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"Myths abound about armored phantoms that terrorized brave heroes. This piece looks just like the armor they supposedly wore. If sold, this rare find can't be replaced."
— In-game description

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The Phantom Armor is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a thematic body armor inspired by the Ghost Zelda possessed Phantom guardians from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. It is one of the three pieces of the "Phantom Equipment" along with the Phantom Helmet and Greaves. Wearing this armor increases Link's attack power. A glowing pink crest of the Royal Family of Hyrule appears on the back of the armor just like Phantom's possessed by Ghost Zelda. The glow is especially noticeable at night or in the pitch-black Thyphlo Ruins.

Upon "The Master Trials" DLC pack installation and after the side quest "EX Treasure: Phantasma" is triggered, Link is guided to find and read the Misko's EX Journal at the Outpost Ruins, in order to discover the "phantasma" treasures, three new Treasure Chests containing the "Phantom Equipment". The one containing the armor is buried in the southeast of the Sacred Ground Ruins.

According to Misko's EX Journal as well as the above listed side quest's adventure log entry, the armor and the rest of the set, alongside five other pieces of treasure, was stolen from Hyrule Castle by Misko.

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