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Perfect Dodging
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Link executing a Perfect Dodge
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Perfect Dodging is a recurring ability in Breath of the Wild.[1][name reference needed]


Breath of the Wild

Perfect Dodging is accomplished by jumping out of the way of an Enemy's attack at the last moment.[1] Doing so temporarily slows time down, allowing Link to quickly strike enemies with a Flurry Rush. A Flurry Rush is a combo of attacks, the quantity depending on what type of weapon you have equipped when you start the combo. One-handed weapons have a seven hit combo, two-handed weapons have a four hit combo, and poleshafts have a nine hit combo. After performing a Flurry Rush with a two-handed weapon, assuming it does not break on the fourth hit, Link will require a short period of time to recover.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity


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