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Perda is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Perda is a young, voe-crazed Gerudo who can be found at Lover's Pond on Tuft Mountain. When she lived in Gerudo Town, she was rather popular, with Pyra, Yaido, Sumati [2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12] and even Barta discussing her departure.[13] After learning from Ashai,[14] Perda decided to go to Lover's Pond to find the voe of her dreams, where the only people she can see are Link and Wabbin, the former of whom Perda deduces to not be the one for her.[15] After this, she complements the prospect of Wabbin being her true love, but wonders why he fails to act.[14] Upon Wabbin asking Link to gift her the Blue Nightshade, she queries over what it is. [16] Should Link dismiss her question, Perda will become offended and very defensive. [17] When Link reveals it is from the other man, she does not take it with a grain of salt, and goes to confront Wabbin.[18][19] This startles the nervous man, who submits to the Gerudo.[20] The vai then proceeds to reveal it is her favourite flower, and gets suspicious as to how he obtained that information, asking if he is a spy of the Yiga Clan[21] The voe rapidly denies the allegation and admits it is also his favourite.[22] Perda thinks this is destiny, and eggs him on to play his part.[23] The young man is confused by this request, so the Gerudo elaborates.[24][25] Wabbin is still confused, however.[24] This prompts Perda to tell him exactly what to say.[26] Wabbin complies with this direct confrontation.[27] This time, it is Perda who is confused.[28] Because of this, Wabbin thinks she is agreeing to the relationship, which greatly pleases him.[29] He then proceeds to hand Link a Red Rupee. His now girlfriend is surprised at the pitiful reward.[30] Out of fear, Wabbin then hands Link a Silver Rupee.[31] This act pleases Perda, who thanks Link, and wishes him well in his hunt for love.[32] Should Wabbin be spoken to again, he asks Link if his money can be returned, to the distaste of his lady.[33][34] This scares Wabbin, who can only reply in an illiterate, monosyllabic manner.[35] Perda is pleased with what has happened, and greets Link upon noticing him.[36]


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