"A poet who lives in Trilby Highlands. He comes home from a long journey to find his house is occupied by an unwanted guest. Poor guy..."

Percy is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. He is a timid poet who is unable to return to his home after the Picori Festival due to a fallen tree. If Link fuses a Kinstone with him, the block will be removed, but Percy is still unable to return to his house due to a strange woman now living there. Link can light the torches inside his house to reveal the true identity of the old woman. When Link visits the house later, Percy will reward Link with Mysterious Shells he found in his chimney (if Link has already collected all the Figurines, he will receive Rupees instead).

Percy has written at least one book of poetry entitled So Your Son Wants to Be a Hero... It Could Be Verse!.

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