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Greyson (older brother)[1]

Pelison is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Pelison is a child Goron who can be found at the Southern Mine in Eldin Canyon. He is the younger brother of Greyson,[1] who works at the Mine while Pelison plays with Axyl. At night, he is soundly asleep beneath a tarp. Pelison comments that his brother is always complaining,[1] but indicates that he never tells him why.[3] He asks Link if he knows, and in frustration insists that he should tell him the truth.[4]

When Link tells Greyson about a job opportunity removing boulders in Tarrey Town as part of the "From the Ground Up" Side Quest, he accepts and takes Pelison with him.[5] Since Pelison's name also ends in "son," a mandatory criteria of the Bolson Construction company's name policy,[6] Hudson is happy to accept him in as well.[7] Pelison opens Ore and More in Tarrey Town, where he sells the Gems that his brother finds while removing the Town's boulders.[8] Pelison comments that because Greyson is happy, he is happy to be in Tarrey Town too.[9] However, he also comments that it is cold there.[10]

Pelison is also one of the guests present at Hudson's and Rhondson's wedding. He agrees with the vow that Rhondson should name her children in accordance to the Bolson Construction naming policy.[11]


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