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The Pedestal of the Master Sword,(ALttP | OoT | TP | BotW)[1][2][3] also known as the Pedestal of Time,(OoT | TP)[4][5] and the Sacred Pedestal,(HW)[6] is a recurring Object in The Legend of Zelda series. The Pedestal of the Master Sword goes unnamed in The Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, A Link Between Worlds, Ancient Stone Tablets, and the Ocarina of Time manga by Akira Himekawa,

Location and Uses[]

A Link to the Past[]

The Pedestal of the Master Sword is situated in the Sacred Grove deep within the Lost Woods in A Link to the Past. In order to draw the Sword, Link must prove himself worthy of wielding it by presenting the three Pendants of Virtue, as instructed in the Mudoran text inscribed on the Pedestal.[7] In order to read this text, Link must use the Book of Mudora to translate the words into legible characters.

After defeating Ganon and saving Hyrule, Link returns the Master Sword to its Pedestal in the hopes that it would rest forever.

Ocarina of Time[]

The Pedestal of the Master Sword sits behind the Door of Time in the Temple of Time in Ocarina of Time. During the Era of Chaos, Rauru constructed the Temple of Time, placing the Master Sword within its Pedestal. The Sword and its Pedestal were designed to seal the entrance to the Sacred Realm, which housed the Triforce.[4] If the Master Sword is drawn from the Pedestal, the Temple of Time will connect with the Temple of Light at the heart of the Sacred Realm, allowing access to the Triforce.[8]

Following the Hyrulean Civil War, Ganondorf enacted a plot to enter the Temple of Light and steal the Triforce for his own desires. As he was unable to obtain the keys to the Door of Time, the Spiritual Stones, he waited for Link to pass through the Door of Time and draw the Master Sword from its Pedestal.[9] Due to Link's young body being incapable of wielding the Master Sword, his soul was held in the Sacred Realm for seven years.[10] When he awoke, Rauru met with him and explained the status of Hyrule, setting him on his quest to awaken the Sages trapped in the various Temples across the land.[11]

After Link frees Saria from the depths of the Forest Temple, Sheik informs him that the Master Sword is capable of transporting him backwards through Time when it is plunged back into its Pedestal.[12][13] He informs Link that in order to free all of the Sages, the young hero must make use of this ability. Specifically, Link must drive the Master Sword into the Pedestal in order to learn the "Song of Storms", obtain the Lens of Truth from the Bottom of the Well, and retrieve the Silver Gauntlets from the Spirit Temple.

In the branch of the Timeline that Ganon is defeated, Princess Zelda uses the Ocarina of Time to send Link back to his original time seven years prior, placing him before the Master Sword in its Pedestal.[10]

The Wind Waker[]

The Master Sword and its Pedestal both rest beneath Hyrule Castle in The Wind Waker. Inside the Pedestal, the Master Sword holds the Castle in perpetual stasis, sealing the evil that invaded during the Era without a Hero. After proving himself worthy of wielding the Blade of Evil's Bane in the Tower of the Gods, Link travels to the sunken Castle and draws the Master Sword from its Pedestal. As both the Master Sword and its Pedestal served as the only seal on Ganondorf and his monsters, time began to flow as soon as the Master Sword was drawn.[14]

This Pedestal of the Master Sword does not inherently restore the Power to Repel Evil to the Blade of Evil's Bane, and thus it requires prayer from Sages to imbue the Sword with the power of the gods.[15][16] Knowing this, when Ganondorf escaped from the Sacred Realm in the Era without a Hero, he slew the two remaining Sages, Laruto and Fado. Without any Sages to offer prayers to the gods, the Master Sword slowly lost its power as it sat within the Pedestal of the Master Sword.[17][18][19] Consequently, though Ganondorf was sealed along with Hyrule, its power eventually waned enough for Ganondorf to appear above the Great Sea. During Link's confrontation with Ganondorf after drawing the Master Sword from its Pedestal, Ganondorf explains that in retrieving the Blade of Evil's Bane from its resting place, the seal upon Ganondorf's magic was undone, allowing him to fully regain his power.[20][21] After Ganondorf's defeat atop Ganon's Tower, the Pedestal of the Master Sword is flooded under the waters of the Great Sea along with the rest of Hyrule.

Twilight Princess[]

The Pedestal of the Master Sword sits in the ruins of the Temple of Time in the Sacred Grove in Twilight Princess. After Link is cursed to permanently be in Wolf form, Princess Zelda instructs him to travel to the Sacred Grove to find the Master Sword.[22] As the Master Sword can banish evil magic, the curse on Link is dispelled immediately as he approaches the Pedestal of the Master Sword, enabling him to withdraw the Sword. After passing through the Door of Time into the past, Link can temporarily return the Master Sword to its Pedestal in order to access the depths of the Temple of Time.

Following Ganondorf's defeat and the destruction of the Mirror of Twilight, the Master Sword is returned to its Pedestal in the Sacred Grove.

Skyward Sword[]

After Link successfully defeats Demise, the latter is sealed away within the Master Sword. With her role fulfilled, a Pedestal appears within the Temple of Hylia in the distant past and Fi requests that her servitude to Link be concluded by means of driving the Sword into the Pedestal.[23][24] This allows Fi to rest indefinitely within the Master Sword, officially marking the end of Hylia's mission.[25][26] The Pedestal of the Master Sword remains undisturbed through to the end of the Sky Era, containing Demise and Fi's sleeping spirit within the Master Sword. However, at some point, the curse set by Demise allows his evil to escape, eventually allowing him to be reborn and escape from the Master Sword's seal.

A Link Between Worlds[]

The Pedestal of the Master Sword is located in the Sacred Grove in the Lost Woods in A Link Between Worlds.[27] As in the Era of Light and Dark, in order to draw the Master Sword from its Pedestal, the three Pendants of Virtue must be presented to the Pedestal.[28] Sahasrahla tasks Link with the duty of finding the Pendants of Virtue and the Pedestal of the Master Sword in order to break the evil Barrier surrounding Hyrule Castle.[29]

After wishing upon Hyrule's Triforce to restore Lorule's Triforce, Link returns to the Sacred Grove to place the Master Sword back in its Pedestal once more.

Breath of the Wild[]

The Pedestal of the Master Sword is located in the Korok Forest deep within the Lost Woods in Breath of the Wild. It sits beneath the Great Deku Tree, where it draws from the energy of the land to restore the Master Sword after it is damaged.[30]

At around the age of 12 or 13, Link made his way to the Korok Forest and drew the Master Sword from its Pedestal.[31][32]

Just after the start of the second Great Calamity, Link fell in battle outside Fort Hateno and the Master Sword sustained great damage from fighting against Guardians. The Master Sword then spoke to Zelda, informing her that the Hylian Champion could still yet be saved if he is put in the Slumber of Restoration in the Shrine of Resurrection.[33] Instructing Sheikah servants to transport the near-lifeless hero there in her stead, Zelda made her way to the Korok Forest to place it into its Pedestal once so that both the Sword and its master would be revitalized.[34]

After awakening from the Slumber of Restoration, Link can return to the Korok Forest and attempt to withdraw the Master Sword from its Pedestal once more. However, as wielding the Master Sword requires great physical strength, Link is incapable of drawing the Sword from its Pedestal until he has at least 13 Hearts.

Provided The Master Trials DLC Pack is downloaded, after completing the Main Quest, "The Hero's Sword", Link will be telepathically contacted by a Monk who will invite him to the Korok Forest to test the Champion's courage.[35] This initiates the "EX Trial of the Sword" Side Quest. If Link follows the Monk's advice, the Great Deku Tree will greet him and surmise that Link has been summoned for the Trial of the Sword.[36] The Great Deku Tree will explain that in order to fully awaken the Master Sword's power, Link must prove his courage in this Trial.[37][38] Recognizing that Link has accepted the challenge, the Great Deku Tree will advise Link to plunge the Master Sword back into its Pedestal to visit the Sword Monk's Shrine.[39] By completing each stage of the Trial of the Sword, the Master Sword will grow in strength.[40] Replicas of the Pedestal of the Master Sword can be found at the end of each Trial inside the Sword Monk's Shrine. By withdrawing the Master Sword from them, Link can be returned to the Korok Forest to claim the newly-strengthened Master Sword.

Other Appearances[]

Ancient Stone Tablets[]

The Pedestal of the Master Sword sits in the Sacred Grove in the depths of the Lost Woods in Ancient Stone Tablets. During week four, the entrance to the Sacred Grove is opened and the Master Sword can be retrieved.

After Ganon has been defeated, the Hero of Light, Princess Zelda, and Aginah return to the Sacred Grove to put the Master Sword to rest once more.

Super Smash Bros. Melee[]

The Pedestal of the Master Sword appears as part of the Master Sword Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It resembles its Ocarina of Time iteration.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[]

The Pedestal of the Master Sword appears in a cutscene for The Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Link approaches it and, having obtained the Triforce beforehand, draws the Master Sword from it.

Ocarina of Time (Himekawa)[]

The Pedestal of the Master Sword first appears in "The Hero of Time is Born" in the Ocarina of Time (Himekawa). After Princess Zelda flees from Hyrule Castle Town, she leaves Link the Ocarina of Time. Link uses the Ocarina to open the Door of Time to access the Master Sword housed within the Pedestal. The Pedestal of the Master Sword appears again in Link's flashback in "Sword of Legend: The Master Sword". The Pedestal appears once more in Princess Zelda's story in "A Fated Reunion", when she explains her plan to become a Sheikah boy to protect herself. In "A New Journey Begins", Link returns the Master Sword to its Pedestal after having successfully defeated Ganon.

Animal Crossing: City Folk[]

The Pedestal of the Master Sword appears as a part of the Master Sword item in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Nintendo Land[]

The Pedestal of the Master Sword appears as part of the Master Sword Prize in Nintendo Land. It serves no purpose other than to house the Master Sword while the Prize is inactive.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf[]

The Pedestal of the Master Sword appears as part of the Master Sword item in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Hyrule Warriors[]

The Sacred Pedestal sits beyond the Door of Time in the Temple of the Sacred Sword in Hyrule Warriors. Believing Link to be capable of wielding the Master Sword, Zelda directs her troops to the Temple of the Sacred Sword in "The Sacred Sword".[41] There, she, Impa, and Lana deliberate over the potential risks of retrieving the Sword. As it acts as the final seal on Ganondorf's soul, drawing the Master Sword from the Sacred Pedestal will eventually allow a fragment of Ganondorf's soul to escape and rejoin with itself.[42] Despite this, Zelda affirms that the Master Sword is necessary for their mission to regain the Triforce of Power from Cia's grasp.[43][44] Once the Master Sword is retrieved by Link, dark smoke begins to slowly seep out of the Sacred Pedestal. After the events of "Shining Beacon", the smoke causes the chains holding shut the sarcophagus housing Ganondorf's soul to break, allowing him to completely reform.[45]

Following Ganon's defeat in "Liberation of the Triforce", Lana advises Link and Zelda to visit the Temple of the Sacred Sword once more and return the Master Sword to its rightful place.[46] When they arrive, the two discover the Sacred Pedestal still spewing dark energy. Together, the drive the Master Sword into the Pedestal, dispelling the evil energy within.


  • Four pedestals similar to the Pedestal of Time appear in the Palace of the Four Sword, the dungeon exclusive to the Game Boy Advance version of A Link to the Past.
  • In Twilight Princess, the cutscene of Link drawing the Master Sword will always show him in his default green attire and no Iron Boots, regardless of whatever he was previously wearing when last human. His shield, however, will change depending on whichever the player last had equipped.
  • During development of Breath of the Wild, the Master Sword's pedestal from Skyward Sword was used instead of the Rocks where Koroks hide.[47]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 時の台座 (Toki no Daiza) (OoT3D) Pedestal of Time
Canada FrenchCA Piédestal du temps (OoT3D)
Italian Republic Italian Piedistallo del tempo
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Pedestal del Tiempo (OoT3D)


See Also[]


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