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Peatrice (daughter)

Peater is a character in Skyward Sword.[2] He runs the Clean Cut mini-game on Bamboo Island and is the father of Peatrice.


Fi's Comment:

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Target Lock: Peater

His name is Peater, a swordsman who is thought of as quite handsome. He was once a knight, and he is also the father of Peatrice, from Item Check.

He likes to chop bamboo, and he is very protective of his daughter as he tries to keep amorous boys much like his younger self away from her.

When Peater is first met on Bamboo Island, Link does not seem to remember him,[3] though Peater knows the young hero.[4] This prompts Peater to explain his identity, declaring he used to be "Mr. Skyloft",[5] and very popular.[6] He also adds that Peatrice is his daughter.[7] Afterward, he can be found in his house in Skyloft at night.[8] Due to age and stress, he claims he has lost the figure he once had,[9] though his reputation still stands. He continues to wear the chain mail he wore as a knight, although it does not fit correctly because of his weight gain. To train enthusiastic youths, such as he once was, he runs the Bamboo Island both as a business[10] and an opportunity for knights to test their skills.[11] Depending on how well he does, Link will be rewarded with either nothing, 30 Rupees, an uncommon Treasure, or a rare Treasure. If Link uses the Goddess Sword, Peater will advise him that slicing bamboo would be easier with a longer blade.[12]

He is extremely defensive of his daughter, cautioning Link not to get anywhere near her.[13] Later, however, Peater will ask Link to keep any admirers of Peatrice away from her, as he cannot always remain in Skyloft,[14] oblivious to the fact that Link is the one she has fallen for. If Peatrice confesses her undying love to Link,[15] and he refuses her, Peater will enthusiastically thank Link for discouraging the interested youth in question, and give him five Gratitude Crystals.[16] If he accepts her love, Peater will be disappointed in him, but remain ignorant that Link is the one she has feelings for.[17]


Following the bird naming patterns of most Skyloftians, Peater seems to be a corruption of "Peter" with the reference to a "peacock"

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
FranceFrenchEUPanolo (SS)[18]From "paon" (peacock).
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