Peater is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is the father of Peatrice, whom he is quite protective of, and a former knight of Skyloft who now runs the Clean Cut mini-game on Bamboo Island.


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As Link visits Peatrice during his adventure to deposit his equipment and gear, she begins to become infatuated with him, something that Peater quickly notices. If Link visits Bamboo Island, Peater informs Link that Peatrice shows signs of an "unwanted suitor," and, unaware that Link is the suitor, asks the hero to scare off the suitor.

The next day, when Link visits Peatrice, she requests him to come to her house at night. That night, he visits her, where he has the option of declaring his love for her, netting him five Gratitude Crystals from her, or rejecting her. If Link rejects her and if he visits the Bamboo Island the next day, Peater expresses his gratitude that Peatrice's "suitor" is gone, rewarding Link five Gratitude Crystals.

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The name "Peater" appears to be a portmanteau of the word peacock, and the given name Peter. His daughter's name is also a variation on this portmanteau.

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