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Patra is a mini-boss from The Legend of Zelda. It is found exclusively in Level 9 on Death Mountain. Although Patra has all the behaviors and characteristics of a boss, it is more so considered a mini-boss as it does not appear at the end of the dungeon. Like other bosses, it growls when Link damages it, and once it is defeated, it never respawns.

Patra resembles a large blue eyeball with wings, surrounded by eight smaller, red-winged Patras, possibly the offspring of the larger Patra.

The smaller red Patras spin in a rapid circle around the larger blue Patra. Patra has two distinct attack patterns. First, the smaller Patras stay close to the large one, only to periodically fly away, spanning a large radius. Secondly, the ring of Patras rotate along a third axis, changing the shape of the circle to a helix and back again.

Patra can be damaged with the sword, but it is immune to almost all other weapons. It can be damaged by direct strikes from the Magical Rod, but it is immune to the spell blasts. Only after all eight red Patras have been slain can the central blue Patra be attacked.

Non-canonical appearances

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The Legend of Zelda animated series

In the episode "Stinging for Stingers", Zelda is attacked by three Patra. Unlike Patra in the game, these do not attack in formation, and they shoot bolts of magic from their pupils. Link, who has just been tricked into trading his sword for a new one, runs to Zelda's defense, but the new sword breaks and Link is defeated.

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