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Patch's Crazy Cart is a Mini-Game in Oracle of Ages.[1]

Location and Rules[]

Patch's Crazy Cart is found at the top of the Restoration Wall in Labrynna. Patch describes the game as a ceremony that can repair certain items that are broken. Link must seek Patch's aid in repairing the Cracked Tuni Nut during his quest and may return to seek his aid again after obtaining the Broken Sword.

The 'ceremony' is performed in a walled off area surrounded by a minecart track, with Patch overseeing the ceremony at the top of the screen. The object to be repaired is placed on the tracks and Link must prevent the minecart from running over it (though if he fails Patch tells link that the object survived anyway). Link must fight off Hardhat Beetles with only his sword and attempt to knock them into holes before the minecart completes its circuit. Link can stand on a switch in the room to switch the cart's tracks and send it around for another circuit but must be careful to not get knocked off at the wrong moment.

On his first visit, Link will receive the repaired Tuni Nut after defeating 4 Hardhat Beetles. If he returns with the broken sword, he'll receive the Noble Sword (or Master Sword if he previously upgraded his sword via Linking Secret) only after defeating 8 beetles.


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  1. "Welcome to Patch's Crazy Cart! Will you partake in my ceremony?" — Patch (Oracle of Ages)