"There is nothing the restoration guru cannot repair!"
— Patch

Patch, the Restoration Guru, is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. He is a "guru" living at the top of Restoration Wall and utilizes a complex Restoration Ceremony to repair virtually anything.


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In order to restore the balance of Symmetry City, Link must take the broken Tuni Nut to Patch. He climbs the Restoration Wall and finds Patch. He tells Link of his ceremony and opens a stairway to his cellar, where the ritual is performed. After performing the Restoration Ceremony, the Tuni Nut is repaired and Link can take it back to its designated pedestal in Symmetry City.

Link can later take the Broken Sword to Patch for repairs. This time, the Restoration Ceremony is more difficult. After finishing it, the Noble Sword is repaired.

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