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Pasquinade is the second boss in Zelda's Adventure.[name reference needed] He is the Shrine Keeper of the Shrine of Illusion.

He is a werewolf-like jester who has a habit of speaking in rhyme, and taunts Princess Zelda as he speaks to her.[1]


Pasquinade will attack by twirling around the room with his staff and doing cartwheels. These attacks will inflict one Heart and half a Heart-worth of damage, respectively. He can also summon several purple balls that rotate around the room, which will deal half a Heart of damage if they hit Zelda. Pasquinade has no real weakness, and fighting him with the Wand is an option.

Pasquinade is fought a second time in the Vision Henge when Ganon summons the Shrine Keepers to fight Zelda on her way to the final showdown with him. He fights in a similar manner as before, only now he is much weaker.



  1. "Look to your heart. Look to your dreams. You'll find that nothing is what it seems. Hm hm hm hm hm hm!" — Pasquinade (Zelda's Adventure)