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"So... you don't need, like, a bag for that or anything, do ya? Man, I just work here part-time, so I don't really know this stuff."
— Part-time Employee

The Part-time Employee is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. As his title implies, he works part-time at the Trading Post in West Clock Town.

Interestingly, the Part-time Employee is very susceptible to masks. For example, if Link wears the Couple's Mask, he will show a desire to find a girlfriend and get married. One of the most interesting reactions comes from the Stone Mask, however, which renders Link unnoticeable to many characters, including the Part-time Employee, who wonders why the Trading Post has so much money if business is so slow.


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The Part-time Employee does not seem to enjoy his job, and he shows little care or knowledge of the products for sale. Also, he can sometimes be uncaring and rude towards customers. He acts with an unprofessional, disgruntled manner and even ignores Deku Link, in sharp contrast to the owner's professional, polite manner. However, when Link wears the Zora Mask, the Part-time Employee mistakes him for Mikau and states that he too is in a band. If spoken to a second time, he claims that he wants to attend The Indigo-Go's concert in the Milk Bar during the Carnival of Time.

When not at work, the Part-time Employee can usually be found in a tree near the Astral Observatory searching for Rupees. If Link rolls into the tree where he sits, he will fall and hit the ground, dropping two red Rupees, each worth 20 Rupees. If spoken to, he will claim that he stole the Rupees from a "crow", most likely referring to the Takkuri, a large bird near the entrance to Milk Road who steals Rupees and other items from unlucky travelers.

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The Part-time Employee looks exactly like the Man on the Roof and may be his Terminan counterpart.

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