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The Part-Timer is a character in Majora's Mask.[1]


The Part-Timer can be seen working at the Trading Post after 10 p.m. He can also be found during the day in Termina Field trying to catch three red Rupees on a Tree near the Astral Observatory. If Link rolls into the Tree, the Part-Timer will fall and hit the ground, dropping the three red Rupees and claiming that he stole them from a crow.[2]

When the Man from Trading Post leaves, he leaves the Trading Post in the care of the Part-Timer. He has no interest in his job, committing little effort into memorizing the stock or behaving cordially.[3] However, he is susceptible to Masks. If Link wears the Zora Mask, the Part-Timer mistakes Zora Link for Mikau and states that he too is in a band.[4] He also claims that he wants to attend The Indigo-Go's concert during the Carnival of Time.[5] When Link wears the Deku Mask, he ignores Deku Link.[6] When Link wears the Stone Mask, the Part-Timer wonders why the Trading Post has so much money if business is so slow.[7] When Link wears the Couple's Mask, he will show a desire to find a girlfriend and get married.[8] When Link wears the Postman's Hat, he says how he entered a contest for some concert tickets and is wondering if he is there to deliver them.[9]


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