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Parcy is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Parcy is a Hylian traveler who resides in the Riverside Stable. She can be seen sitting to the north of Ember inside the Stable, mumbling to herself about the Royal Guard's Series of Weapons.[2] When Link speaks to her, she will ask if he is planning to enter Hyrule Castle.[3] She then explains that she used to enter the Castle in search of the Royal Guard's Series.[3] She will offer Link advice for various ways to enter the Castle.[4] If Link agrees, she will offer the "Goron", "Rito", and "Zora" style, alongside the option for another way.[5][6] If Link asks to hear the Goron way, she will explain that the Goron style is to recklessly charge in through the Castle's gates while equipped with Food that restores health and Stamina.[7] If Link asks to hear the Rito style, Parcy suggests that sailing in over the moat via the mountains north of the Castle is for him if he's comfortable flying.[8] If Link asks to hear the Zora style, she notes the waterfalls feeding into the moat, and tells him that while it's difficult to swim through the waters, he can use the falls to make it into the Castle if he is a strong swimmer.[9] Additionally, if Link asks for another way into the Castle, she will also offer the "Gerudo" and "Sheikah" styles of entry.[10][11]

Asking to hear the Gerudo style results in Parcy counseling Link to bravely charge into the Castle on horseback, shooting Arrows at the Guardians' eyes to pass through without being harmed.[12] If Link asks for the Sheikah style, Parcy will inform him that this style is her personal favorite, explaining that there are two ways to enter with this method.[13] The first is to enter through the East Passage, which leads into Hyrule Castle's Library and is marked by the Luminous Stones at its entrance.[13] The second is by way of entering through the Docks, which also lead into the Library.[13] If Link declares that he wishes to go about it his own way, she will joke that he should act like the hero 100 years prior and destroy all of the Guardians along his way.[14] If Link decides against hearing any of her advice, she will tell him that it is dangerous and that he should be prepared.[15]

After speaking with Parcy, Link will be tasked with the Side Quest, "The Royal Guard's Gear". If Link returns with an item from the Royal Guard’s Series, Parcy will recognize it and ask to see it.[16][17][18][19][20] Upon looking it over, she will thank Link and reward him with a Gold Rupee, completing her Quest.[21][22][23] Upon returning to Parcy with an item from the Royal Guard's Series, she will ask for it,[24][25][26][27][28] offering a Topaz,[29] Sapphire or a [30] Ruby [31] in return. If Link declines her offer, she will be upset and wish she had something better to offer.[32] Accepting her offer will reward Link with the offered Gem, with Parcy thanking him for the item.[33] After Link completes Parcy’s Quest, she will continue to wonder if there are any more treasures in Hyrule Castle.[34] Link can continue bringing her items in the Royal Guard’s Series in exchange for Gems.

At night, Parcy will fall asleep in one of the beds at the Stable. If Link wakes her, she will yell at him for his rude behavior.[35][36] If Link wakes her while he is not wearing any Armor covering his torso, she will call him a creep.[37][38]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese パリッセ (Parisse)

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