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The Paraglider Course is a Mini-Game in Breath of the Wild.[2]

Location and Rules[]

The Paraglider Course only becomes available once Link clears Korgu Chideh Shrine. After this, Mimo will appear at the top of Koholit Rock on Eventide Island. He has come to the Island to live freely and unrestricted, like the Wind.[3] He asks Link if he also longs to be like the Wind.[4] While Link's ability to fly is different than his own, Mimo believes it is similar enough to undergo his training, which is supposed to help one become the Wind.[5]

When Link asks, Mimo explains that he wishes to emulate the free movement of the Wind.[6] To achieve this goal, he has created a training program that consists of flying through rings that float in the air.[7] He promises that if Link decides to try his training, he will find it rewarding.[8]

If Link agrees to attempt his training, Mimo will be happy,[9] though he asks for 20 Rupees to set up the Paraglider Course.[1] Once Link has paid, Mimo asks him to wait while he prepares the Course.[10] After this is done, Mimo apologizes for taking so long and explains that Link can start whenever he is ready.[11] He recommends taking off to the left, as Link will be able to drift along a calm breeze.[12]

During the Mini-Game, a total of 70 Rings will appear on Eventide Island. Using Updrafts and his Paraglider, Link must maneuver himself to pass through as many Rings as possible without touching the ground.[note 1] The game ends when Link either falls out of the sky or passes through all 70 Rings, at which point Mimo will return him to Koholit Rock.[13]

Mimo will give Link a reward depending on how many Rings he has passed through. If Link totaled 19 or less Rings, Mimo realizes he overestimated Link and tells him to keep training on the Paraglider Course to strengthen his ability.[14] He does not give Link a reward. If Link clears between 20 and 24 Rings, Mimo says he still has progress to make before he is one with the Wind.[15] For his participation, he gifts Link a Red Rupee.[16] Next, if Link passes through 24 to 29 Rings, Mimo notes that he takes to his Paraglider well and gives him a Purple Rupee.[17] Should Link pass between 30 to 49 Rings, Mimo informs him that even Rito do not score so well, declaring him one with the Wind and rewarding him with a Silver Rupee.[18] Finally, if Link passes through at least 50 Rings, Mimo asks if he is a Rito in disguise.[19] For being able to see him fly like that, Mimo rewards Link with a Gold Rupee.[20]

After giving Link his reward, Mimo asks if he would like to attempt the Paraglider Course again.[21] During any subsequent attempts, Mimo will remind Link that he will be there to swoop in if he gets tired.[22] However, if Link decides not to go again, Mimo compares him to a Cucco, first flying before clucking.[23] Despite this, he anticipates Link's return.[24]


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  1. Link can land on top of Koholit Rock without facing any repercussions.


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