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Papuchia Village, also known as Papuzia Village, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. It is in the Ocean Realm and is composed of a series of small islands, accessible by bridges and by simply hopping from one island to another. Here, Link finds Carben and is tasked with bringing him back to the Ocean Sanctuary. Link also learns the "Song of Birds" at this location.

On the southeast part of the map there is a location that can only be accessed by using the whip on a bird, this location leads to a Stamp Station. A collection of red rupees can also be found in this area. There is a desperate woman who is seeking a husband. Link can bring back a man from Whittleton based on the woman's descriptions, which happens to match the Whittleton Chief's appearance. Once brought together, the two marry and live in the village.

Papuchia Village

Papuchia Village

Link can buy fish from a saleswoman, but only after bringing her Mega Ice. The fish then can be brought to a woman in Castle Town. In the latter stages of the game, the Wise One will sell Link a vessel for 50 Rupees to take to Steem.

In the northeast, there is a house with a girl who will give Link treasure if he calls her cute; her appearance changes each time she gives him a treasure.

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