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Papuchia Shop is a location in Spirit Tracks. Situated in the southwest section of Papuchia Village, it is a small shop that offers a variety of common items for sell, and it's the only shop in the game where arrows can be bought. It also offers bombs at one of the cheapest prices available. The shopkeeper is Kogane.

Wares and Pricing

Item Price
No Image Upload.png
Arrows (10)
ST Green Rupee Icon.png 50 Rupees
ST Bomb Icon.png
Bombs (10)
ST Green Rupee Icon.png 150 Rupees
ST Prize Postcards Icon.png
Prize Postcards (10)
ST Green Rupee Icon.png 100 Rupees
ST Purple Potion Icon.png
Purple Potion
ST Green Rupee Icon.png 150 Rupees
ST Yellow Potion Icon.png
Yellow Potion
ST Green Rupee Icon.png 200 Rupees


  • The shop keeper Kogane greatly resembles an early design of Anjean.


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