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Pamela is a character in Majora's Mask.[1] She is the daughter of a research scientist at the Music Box House in Ikana Canyon. When her father succumbs to a mummifying curse, Pamela locks herself in her house with her father to protect him from the Gibdos outside, and puts him in the closet in the basement.


Pamela and her father moved from Clock Town to Ikana Canyon in order for her father to research the ghosts and spirits that haunt Ikana Valley.[2] She is a mature child and is protective of her father.[3] While studying Gibdos, Pamela's Father discovered a song entitled "Farewell to Gibdos" that drives away the mummified creatures in an instant, effectively keeping them away from their house.[4] One day, however, he tried to go into the nearby well and was cursed, which gradually caused him to start taking the form of a Gibdo.[5]

Frightened, Pamela shoved her father in a closet in their basement and promised to protect him from any further harm. Shortly after this event, however, the water stopped flowing from the Spring Water Cave up north due to Sharp's curse, causing the Gibdo-repel music to stop functioning. The Gibdos from the well began to surround her house, searching for Pamela's Father thinking that he is one of them.[6] This forces Pamela to keep her door locked at all times, this way protecting her father from the mummified monsters endlessly parading her house.

When Link first approaches her home in an attempt to go inside, Pamela refuses to open the door to Link, thinking that he is a Gibdo trying to get in and take her father away.[7] The young hero eventually discovers the cause of the river drought and cleanses the dark soul of Sharp, one of the Composer Brothers, who had placed a curse on the Spring Water Cave and prevented the water from flowing.[8] After Link restores the flow, the waterwheel begins to turn, generating enough power for the music box to play the "Farewell to Gibdos" song and force the Gibdos to retreat from her house.

When Link approaches her house, she runs away and goes inside her home, not allowing Link to enter. If Link waits for approximately two minutes (in real time) or throws a Bomb near the door, Pamela will leave her house to investigate the well.[9][10] Link can sneak into the house while Pamela is outside. If Pamela sees him, she will run back into the house and Link must wait until she comes out again.[note 1] When he enters the basement of the house, he finds Pamela's Father in a mummified-state. After Link heals the man's soul by playing the "Song of Healing," the curse lifts, leaving the Gibdo Mask behind. Afterwards, Pamela appears and hugs her father, with the latter not knowing of the events that have happened.[11] If Link does not play the "Song of Healing" fast enough, Pamela will appear and kick him out of her house.[12]

Once Link returns after saving Pamela's Father, she will thank him for what he has done and reveal that her father does not know that Link was the one who healed his curse.[13] Moreover, she mentions that she does not want the young hero to meet her father, for she is afraid that if he notices Link's strange powers, he will want to research all about it and start doing crazy things.[14]

During the ending credits, Pamela is seen playing with her father outside of their home.


  • If Link wears the Gibdo Mask in front of Pamela, she will scream and promptly kick him out of her house.[15] If Link wears a transformation mask, she will rudely kick him out for invading her home.[16]
  • If Twinmold is defeated without Link having interacted with Pamela, her father's curse will lift on its own. Should Link enter the house and talk to her after this, Pamela will kick Link out regardless of his current form. Her father does not display the same hostility, however, behaving as he usually does after being healed.


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  1. Link can still enter the house after being spotted by Pamela if he beats her to the door as she's running back.


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