Palace of Winds Map (Four Swords Adventures)

The Palace of Winds is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. This dungeon is the third stage of the Realm of the Heavens, the game's final level. The first room of the Palace of Winds is similar to Ganon's Tower from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past; after dropping down, to the area below, Link will be in an area with four statues of Ganon. To the east or west, Ball & Chain Troopers can be found. To the north is a switch, which spawns enemies and allows access to the next room.

The next room contains five doors, two on the east and west walls and one to the north. By pulling the chain on the northwestern wall, Hero's Bows, Boomerangs, Pegasus Boots and Magic Hammers will appear near the middle. Each item refers to one room closest to it that it is used in. After thoroughly exploring each room, Link will find a Moon Pearl that will activate one of the four Dark World portals in the main room. After all four have been activated, Link can enter each and activate the four switches, opening the north door.

In the next room are two Hinox and five bumpers, four moving and one stationary. In the next room is a large chasm and three Gohmas. Once they are defeated, Link can enter the eastern room to find a small key to open the western room. After activating the switch in the western room, Link can dash across the pit with the Level 2 Pegasus Boots. Upon breaking the final Vaati Barriers, Link enters the boss room to fight Vaati.

After Vaati's defeat, the Palace of Winds and the rest of the Realm of the Heavens begin to collapse, no longer supported by Vaati's magic. As Link and Princess Zelda retreat to the Tower of Winds, a shadowy mass is seen exiting the palace. This leads to the final battle with Ganon at the Tower of Winds.


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