The Palace of Darkness is the first dungeon in the Dark World (fifth overall) in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. When Link first arrives in the Dark World after battling Agahnim, he communicates telepathically with Sahasrahla, who marks the location of the Dark Palace on Link's map. It is found in the same place as the Eastern Palace in the Light World. The dungeon has a vague resemblance to the Eastern Palace.

To reach the palace, Link must pass through a hedge maze, where he meets a monkey called Kiki. Kiki will agree to accompany Link to the palace for a payment of ten Rupees; this must be paid, as Link cannot enter the palace without Kiki's help. When they reach the dungeon entrance, Kiki will open it for Link in exchange for 100 Rupees.


Palace of Darkness

The entrance to the Palace of Darkness

The main treasure item found in the Dark Palace is the Magic Hammer. Enemies found within the dungeon include Goriyas and Helmasaurs. The final boss is the Helmasaur King, a giant masked Helmasaur who spits fireballs. Upon defeating him, Link frees the first of the Seven Maidens from her crystal prison.





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