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Palace Courtyard
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The Palace Courtyard is a location in The Minish Cap.[1]


The Palace Courtyard is an area located within Hyrule Castle, on the first basement floor. The Minish Door appears within it once every one hundred years, serving as an entrance to the Elemental Sanctuary and a bridge between Hyrule and the Minish Realm.

Link is first able to access the Palace Courtyard after obtaining the newly-forged White Sword from Melari. After searching the Castle, he and Ezlo discover the opened Minish Door that only they can see (due to Link being a child and Ezlo being a Minish sage) within the Courtyard.

After Vaati transforms Hyrule Castle into Dark Hyrule Castle, Link and Ezlo emerge from the Elemental Sanctuary to find the Palace Courtyard bleak and withered, newly populated with the cursed stone forms of two Vassals and Minister Potho. The Palace Courtyard remains like this until Princess Zelda is able to use the Mage's Cap to undo Vaati's evil and restore Hyrule.


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  1. "You know, I do recall a story my grandmother once told me long ago. She said she saw a doorway appear in the palace courtyard as a child. If this door does indeed open only once a century, it may be open even now!" — Minister Potho (The Minish Cap)