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Page 11
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Page 11 is a location in Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love.[name reference needed]

Features and Overview

Tingle arrives here on a Ferry Page which departed from Page 10. Page 11 is mostly a vast desert but closer to the coast, where Tingle first arrives, is a train theme park.

When Tingle, Buriki, and Lion turn their backs, Kakashi is kidnapped by Segāre, and they must venture into the desert after them. Doing so leads them to Usotami Village, the home of the Usotami tribe. There Tingle meets Liar, one of his love interests.

In a cave behind Usotami Village, Tingle finds Kakashi tied to a stalagmite. As soon as he is freed, Segāre shows up, and calls forth the monster known as Big Liar. Big Liar in turn eats Segāre, but quickly spits him out, shooting him through the roof. After Tingle defeats Big Liar, he leaves the desert, and returns to the theme park, where he moves on to Page 12, where the Emerald City lies.


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