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Padda is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Padda is a Gerudo soldier who can be found in the palace in Gerudo Town taking care of Riju's Sand Seal, Patricia.[2] If Link speaks to her, she introduces Patricia as Riju's favorite Sand Seal and explains that the Seal is an oracle who offers wisdom in return for fruit.[3][4][5] If Link speaks to her again, she talks about how Riju used to be there with Patricia every day,[6] but she has been too busy with responsibility to relax.[7][8] Padda apologizes for rambling on and encourages Link to offer fruit to Patricia.[9][10] Padda also says that Patricia likes Wildberries in particular.[11]

If Link offers fruit to Patricia, she will either like or dislike the fruit at random. If Patricia does not like the fruit, Padda will translate her words as "Seal the deal on your fortune by using more valuable fruit!" and comment that she could not avoid using Patricia's Seal pun.[12] If Patricia likes the fruit, Padda will translate her words of wisdom, including the effect of explosions on Sand Seals and about Sand Boots and Snow Boots.[13][14] After every translation, Padda thanks Patricia for her wisdom.[15]

After Link calms Naboris and speaks to Padda, she says that she heard Naboris was calmed and that she can feel the stress lifting from Gerudo Town.[16] Padda is sure that Riju feels it as well.[17]


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