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Owlan is a character in Skyward Sword.[2]


Fi's Comment:
SS Fi Artwork.png
Target lock: Owlan
"His name is Owlan. He is an instructor at the Knight Academy. He is renowned for his fascination with collecting plant species."

Owlan is one of the Knight Academy instructors and has great knowledge of flying Loftwings. He is also a collector of various types of plants,[3] which can be seen in his room at the Academy.

After Link's Crimson Loftwing goes missing, Owlan becomes concerned and recommends that Link find it quickly. He also suggests that Link speak with Horwell, one of the instructors, as he is in charge of the Wing Ceremony.[4]

Before the Wing Ceremony race, Owlan gives Link and three other Skyloft youths the instructions for the Ceremony.[5] He attaches a ceremonial Bird Statuette to a golden Loftwing and tells the students that whoever catches the bird and claims the statue will be this year's champion.[6] Giving quick instructions on how to control the birds, he then goes on to say that the champion will receive a gift from Zelda.[7] Before the race begins, he tells Link and the three other Skyloftian youths to show him just how well they have practiced and asks to see "good, clean flying" without interference from the other flyers.[8] Then, upon his command, the competition begins. If Link speaks to him before jumping off of the platform, he will scold the young hero and remind him that he is participating in a competition.[9]

After Link receives the Goddess Sword and resolves to visit the land below to find Zelda, Owlan expresses knowledge of the legendary blade and gives Link the Wooden Shield,[10] and explains its properties.[11] If Link does not have space to carry the Shield, Owlan will give him a Red Rupee instead.[12]

Owlan later becomes a great source of information on Levias, the Sky Spirit.[13] He tells Link of the research Headmaster Gaepora ordered done, and informs him that he is in fact inside the Thunderhead.[14] He also mentions that Pumm makes Pumpkin Soup as an offering to Levias every year, but has not made the trip this year. Since the Sky Spirit has become infested with a parasite known as Bilocyte, Owlan teaches Link and his Loftwing the Spiral Charge so that he may use it to attack the parasite plaguing Levias.[15]

Later, after draining the flooded Faron Woods and learning Faron's portion of the "Song of the Hero," Link can talk to Owlan to discover that he fears that he has collected every form of plant life in Skyloft.[16] Link can take his request to find a new plant, which the young hero can find in the form of a Kikwi named Oolo in Faron Woods. If Link shows Oolo to Owlan, he will become ecstatic at the young hero's finding and rewards him with five Gratitude Crystals.[17]

Non-Canon Appearances

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Owlan appears as a Trophy.

# Trophy Appears in Description How to unlock
3DS Logo.svg WiiU.svg
219 N/A SSBfWU Owlan Trophy Model.png Skyward Sword An instructor at the Knight Academy and a keen botanist. He teaches Link how to use the Spin Attack, and Link finds him a rare and unusual plant to study. Not as payment, though-as teacher and student, they simply share a bond of trust and goodwill. Incidentally, Owlan's room is more like a garden-it's full of plants! Random


  • As most residents of Skyloft are modeled after birds, Owlan's and Horwell's designs were based on the Rito from The Wind Waker.[18]
  • Owlan's sash bears the symbol of a tree, fitting his fascination with botany. Strangely, although he is an instructor at the Knight Academy, he does not wear a Sailcloth.
  • If Link sits at Owlan's desk in the classroom when he is around, he will scold the young hero.[19]
  • If Link sits in the seat next to Owlan in the Knight Academy classroom before the Wing Ceremony, he will ask the young hero if he wants to hear a lesson. If Link chooses to listen, Owlan will describe how Skyloft has been around for thousands of years.[20] This claim coincides with Zelda's statement that she will sleep for thousands of years before sealing herself in the Sealed Temple.[21]
  • If Link speaks to Owlan after he masters the Spiral Charge move, he will reveal that he is a fan of Kina's singing at the Lumpy Pumpkin.[22]


Owlan's name is derived from owl.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
FranceFrenchEUArfan (SS)[23]From "harfang des neiges" (snowy owl)
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