Big Bomb Outfit

Link wearing the Big Bomb Outfit

Outfits are the new feature in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. Each outfit gives Link a different ability or item upgrade, much like the Masks in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. They are usually created by Madam Couture after providing her with various materials.


Outfit Ability Materials
Bear Minimum Digs Link has one less Heart Container and takes double damage. However, after earning 30 Hero Points, Link gains two extra Heart Containers and has a 50% chance of dodging attacks (although he still takes double damage when hit). None (default outfit)
Big Bomb Outfit Allows Link to use Big Bombs that do double damage and have a wider blast radius. 1x Armos Spirit, 1x Tektite Shell, 100 Rupees
Boomeranger Gives Link a larger Boomerang that can damage enemies. 1x Demon Fossil, 1x Goron Ore, 1x Rugged Horn, 800 Rupees
Cacto Clothes Damages enemies on contact. Can also damage other Links in the Coliseum. 1x Supple Leaf, 1x Thornberry, 1000 Rupees
Cheer Outfit Increases teammates' Energy Gauges by 50% in Multiplayer. 3x Frilly Fabric, 100 Rupees
Cheetah Costume Increases Link's running speed. Also lets Link talk to the cats in town. 1x Beastie Patch, 1x Brittle Papyrus, 1x Divine Whiskers, 1500 Rupees
Cozy Parka Allows Link to walk normally on ice and grants immunity to freezing. 1x Fluffy Fuzz, 1x Serpent Fangs, 800 Rupees
Cursed Tights Allows Link to dodge 50% of attacks, but attacks that do hit do double damage. None (receive from Princess Styla after the curse is lifted)
Dapper Spinner Kit Allows Link to perform quick Spin Attacks by pressing the B Button three times. 10x Freebies, 300 Rupees
Dunewalker Duds Allows Link to walk on quicksand without sinking. 1x Ancient Fin, 1x Palm Cone, 1x Stal Skull, 1200 Rupees
Energy Gear Increases Link's Energy Gauge by 50%. 1x Demon Fossil, 1x Keese Wing, 1x Kodongo Tail, 1x Monster Guts, 800 Rupees
Fierce Deity Armor Doubles sword attack power and allows Link to shoot Sword Beams in four directions. None (reward for completing the Den of Trials)
Fire Blazer Allows Link to shoot three fireballs at a time from the Fire Glove. 1x Lava Drop, 1x Mystery Extract, 1x Twisted Twig, 1500 Rupees
Goron Garb Allows Link to swim in lava and grants immunity to fire. 1x Goron Ore, 1x Monster Guts, 600 Rupees
Gust Garb Makes the Gust Jar blow faster and farther. 1x Gibdo Bandage, 1x Sandy Ribbon, 1x Vintage Linen, 1500 Rupees
Hammerwear Makes Link's Hammer twice as powerful and he can use it faster. 1x Chill Stone, 1 Crimson Shell, 1x Freezard Water, 1x Tiny Snowflake, 1000 Rupees
Hero Tunic No special effect. Doppels are always equipped with this by default. 1x Hytopian Silk
Jack of Hearts Gives Link one extra Heart Container. 1x Fairy Dust, 1x Hytopian Silk, 1x Octorok Sucker, 600 Rupees
Kokiri Clothes Allows Link to shoot three arrows from the Bow at a time. 1x Armos Spirit, 1x Blob Jelly, 100 Rupees
Lady's Ensemble Gives Link one extra Heart Container and allows Link to find hearts more easily. Will also break the curse on Princess Styla. 1x Lady's Collar, 1x Lady's Glasses, 1x Lady's Parasol
Legendary Dress Allows Link to find Hearts more easily. Based off Princess Zelda's dress. 1x Sweet Shroom, 1x Tektite Shell, 200 Rupees
Light Armor Illuminates the area around Link. In the coliseum it will burn other Links on contact. 1x Carrumpkin, 1x Poe Soul, 1x Spider Silk Lace, 1200 Rupees
Linebeck's Uniform Allows Link to look into Treasure Chests before opening them (does not work on Daily Riches). Also adds 10 seconds on timed challenges. 1x Antique Coin, 1x Aqua Crown, 1x Carmine Pearl, 1x Mystery Jade, 1x Stal Skull, 3000 Rupees
Lucky Loungewear 25% chance that enemy attacks will not cause damage. 1x Blin Bling, 1x Gohma's Eye, 1x Sweet Shroom, 200 Rupees
Ninja Gi Triples Link's Dash Attack damage. 1x Ancient Fin, 1x Gibdo Bandage, 1x Rainbow Coral, 1x Stal Skull, 1x Vintage Linen, 1500 Rupees
Queen of Hearts Gives Link three extra Heart Containers. 1x Exquisite Lace, 1x Fairy Dust, 1x Mystery Jade, 1x Star Fragment, 1200 Rupees
Robo Wear Increases the range, speed, and damage of the Gripshot. 1x Carmine Pearl, 1x Cucco Feathers, 1x Pretty Plume, 1x Sky Dragon Tail, 1500 Rupees
Rupee Regalia Causes Rupees to appear more often. 1x Antique Coin, 1x Fancy Fabric, 1x Royal Ring, 1200 Rupees
Serpent's Toga Allows Link to turn to stone when standing still. Enemy attacks will not do damage, but falling still will. 1x Carrumpkin, 1x Ice Rose, 1x Mystery Extract, 1x Poe Soul, 1x Twisted Twig, 1500 Rupees
Showstopper Draws enemies' attention to the wearer, making them ignore other Links. 1x Aurora Stone, 1x Mock Fairy, 1x Pretty Plume, 1x Vibrant Brooch, 2000 Rupees
Spin Attack Attire Allows Link to perform a stronger Spin Attack. 1x Crystal Skull, 1x Sanctuary Mask, 1x Steel Mask, 2000 Rupees
Sword Suit Doubles sword attack power and allows Link to shoot Sword Beams. 1x Royal Ring, 1x Silver Thread, 1x Stiff Puff, 1000 Rupees
Sword Master Suit Doubles sword attack power, doubles the range of the sword swipe, and allows Link to shoot wider Sword Beams. 1x Fabled Butterfly, 1x Gold Dust, 1x Golden Insect, 2000 Rupees
Timeless Tunic Gives Link an 8-bit appearance and changes sound effects to resemble 8-bit music. 3x Friendly Tokens, 100 Rupees
Tingle Tights Prevents Link from falling up to three times. 1x Fluffy Fuzz, 1x Freezard Water, 1x Tiny Snowflake, 1000 Rupees
Torrent Robe Doubles the size of the Water Rod's pillar. 1x Aqua Crown, 1x Fresh Kelp, 1x Hytopian Silk, 600 Rupees
Tri Suit Doubles sword attack power, 25% chance that enemy attacks will not cause damage, and makes Rupees and Hearts appear more often, but all three Links must be wearing it. 5x Friendly Tokens, 300 Rupees
Zora Costume Allows Link to swim faster and makes water dashing cause damage like a normal dash attack. 1x Fresh Kelp, 1x Zora Scale, 400 Rupees
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