The Out-of-place Soldier is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Link finds this Hyrulean Soldier at the Disorientation Station, where he tells his story.


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The Hyrulean Soldier came to the region to find a legendary treasure with his friend, but they became separated when they were attacked by a Fire Baba. Link enters the structure the soldier stands outside of and finds the grave of the soldier's lost friend. The dead soldier inscribed a message on his own grave informing his friend to return to Hyrule Castle. After finding the treasure, an Alchemy Stone, Link returns to the soldier, who is less concerned about the treasure and more concerned about his friend. Agreeing to his deceased friend's final wish, the Out-of-place Soldier agrees to leave the Disorientation Station, but not before giving Link a Rupee as thanks.

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