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Ornest's Training is a Mini-Game in Tears of the Kingdom.

Location and Rules[]

Ornest's Training is located southwest of Tabantha Great Bridge on a western cliffside of Tanagar Canyon. The location is identifiable by a tall tower off the cliffside with a hanging platform. There are two people present: Tabult the Goron retainer, and the host, Ornest the Rito. It costs 20 Rupees to play.[1]

Ornest says that the tower is used for his training.[2] His routine consists of catching balls in the air and dropping them into the hanging platform, constantly swaying. Tabult at the tower[3] will throw balls to be caught.[4] Up to 12 balls will be thrown, each with varying colors. Green balls are worth one points, red balls are worth three points.[5] As the training is designed for him — a Rito — for non-Rito i.e: Link's case, he is allowed to use whatever means to catch the balls in the air.[6]

Once the all the balls are thrown, the game ends. The reward for playing the game are Rupees. The more points scored based on the balls caught, the higher the payout.


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